Who am I?

I am a counsellor based in Perthshire and currently working online nationwide via Zoom and telephone. Since 2014 I have worked with adult clients to better understand themselves and resolve their difficulties so they can live more freely.

My initial training was person-centred, which means I believe that we all have within us the natural wisdom and ability to realise our potential and live meaningful lives. Counselling helps us to uncover and connect with that capacity, learn to trust it and use it for our own and others’ good.

My approach is to be authentically myself when working with clients – warm, relaxed, curious, non-judgemental and often humorous. My aim is to help put you at your ease so you can feel safe and supported to explore whatever brings you to counselling. I work with people, mostly women but not exclusively, who struggle with anxiety, control, perfectionism and feelings of not being good enough. If that sounds like you, please get in touch for an initial discussion of your difficulties and to see if I am a good fit for you.